Property Management

Welcome to your Access Property Management Team!

Property Management

We have a group of employees and agents dedicated to providing you and your property with efficient, effective, and timely service, ensuring the most return for your investment. In fact, we frequently have a shortage of properties available for our tenants! We need your property to help satisfy the demand…..We’re your Access!

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As your management team, we guarantee:

  • NO Start-up Fees
  • NO Takeover Fees
  • NO Maintenance-Coordination Fees
  • NO Mark-ups of Maintenance Costs
  • NO Mark-ups of Repair Costs
  • NO Hidden Fees
  • NO Reserve Funds Collected
  • NEVER a Cancellation Fee
  • Full Support Staff
  • Discounted Maintenance and Repair Costs and Preferential Scheduling 7 days a week, and

As your management team, we provide:

  • A team tour of property and comparable price analysis to determine market value.
  • Photographs of rental property prior to tenant move-in & upon move-out to avoid damage disagreements.
  • Advice on property improvements to ensure the highest possible return on your investment.
  • Tenant background check which includes nationwide criminal background, rental history, employment verification, and eviction history.
  • An annual lease drafted by a law firm who specializes in landlord/tenant law.
  • Coordination of maintenance and repairs completed in a timely manner by experienced, licensed and insured service professionals and contractors.
  • Timely collection and disbursement of rental income.
  • Monthly detailed statements.
  • Inspections performed upon request to ensure property’s condition is being properly maintained.
  • Action for non-payment of rent by posting 3-Day Notices and 7-Day Noticesas needed for lease violations.
  • Online portal available in which owners may viewmonthly statements, income statements, 1099 reports, invoices and management fees incurred, and checks issued.
  • Aggressive advertisement of your property online, through flyers at our locations and with our employees and agents.

A few comments from our 1000’s of satisfied Customers:

My family and I have many investments properties. We’ve tried other management companies over the years and have never had the quality and dedication we’ve had with Access. We would definitely recommend them!
S. E., Indianapolis, IN
I have been very pleased with Access. My occupancy rates and returns have increased dramatically and my properties have been well maintained since I moved from another management company.
C.B., Fort Myers, FL
When you buy an investment property you put a lot of money on the line, and you trust/hope your tenants and property managers take care of things to protect the investment. This is the first time Ihave felt comfortable that things are under control.
M.J. Long Island, NY

To maximize your returns and minimize your hassle, please contact us today at:

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